Worlds Being Hung in the Universe –
A modern art quilt that was created with traditional quilt traditions. In the quilt world everyone ends up with scraps. Scraps of cloth was what thrifty pioneers used long ago to create the traditional quilts we can see today. Each of the 25 “worlds” were created by first sewing strips of scraps together so as to not waste them. As more was added to each square – the applique and the embroidery, each of the squares developed their own personality, and thus each became a “world” of its own. Each “world” became a “quilt-let” or small quilt. The quilted background became the universe. Other pieces I have created recently have had the small clothespins added – it fit that if the worlds were being “hung” – clothespins would serve as an interesting design element and a source of humor.
Materials used: cotton cloth, organza, cotton and rayon thread, wooden clothespins
Completed in 2017

When I began embroidering faces it was because the original quilt had the theme of the universe with the sun in the middle, worlds, stars, seasons...and the four winds - north, south east and west which we found looking at old maps of the 1500's. Since then I have "played around" with embroidering faces and have enjoyed creating these muses, which I also think of as saints, but muses is more universal...sometime the muses are happy and sometimes they are very sad - depending upon what they are thinking about....

"Night Games" and "Where Have all the Children Gone?" have a sadness about them because of what they are discussing - childhood sexual abuse. In these pieces there are actual embroidered people - not muses, but the design for them came from my interpretations of the muses. 

"Where Have all the Children Gone" was created for the 2017 Quilt Alliance project called "Voices". 

Above is a picture of Saint Chocolate. I made him as a banner for Chocolate Fest of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. He is a jolly fellow because everyone is so happy eating chocolate...He was modeled after the piece to the left - La Casa del Sol. the house of the sun was my first entry into the Quilt Alliance contest.(  It was their first year and they needed to put a roof on their new building in Asheville, North Carolina. Quilters were asked to create a house shaped quilt for the exhibit. My dear friend Lorchen Nunn who lives in Sherwood Forest (England) purchased it. she says it brightens her days still.